Terms & Conditions

We hope you stay with us on our mission to strengthen our Local Economy and create Local Jobs by encouraging consumers to begin buying from our Local Businesses rather than non-locally owned Big Box Superstores, National chains and Restaurants and the Internet! If we stick together we will succeed! Not only in our own businesses, but the community as a whole!

However, you can decide to leave Grow Brandon at any time and we will stop future membership fee charges immediately, but please understand that their will be no refunding of previous membership dues.



By electing to become a Business Member of Grow Brandon I hereby authorize Growing Mainstreet, Inc. (parent company) to use my credit card listed above for the automatic recurring monthly payment of $20.00 per month and agree to pay these charges according to the card holder agreement. This automatic recurring monthly charge of $20.00 is for a Business Membership to Grow Brandon which includes a link(s) on the GrowBrandon.com Locally Owned Business Directory, a Grow Brandon Buy Local Window Magnet with a QR code for smart phone assisted shopping and access to the large Grow Brandon Buy Local Social Media Campaign.


I agree that their are no refunds for any reason. By becoming a Business Member of Grow Brandon I hereby irrevocably authorize and instruct my card issuer to deny any chargeback requests relating to this charge authorization at any time and for any reason. I have read and hereby agree to the Growing Mainstreet, Inc. Refund Policy. I agree that by my decision to become a Business Member of Grow Brandon, my agreement to this is mutually acceptable and legally binding.