About Grow Brandon


Our Mission


Grow Brandon has one mission!


That mission is to greatly improve and strengthen our Local Economy through positive City Wide Promotions of our Locally Owned Businesses through the creation of a Huge BUY LOCAL/ SHOP LOCAL Movement in the Greater Brandon Area!


Simply by doing this we can enrich, strengthen and GROW BRANDON back into a City that is, once again, thriving economically, has good jobs for everyone and continues to be a safe and wonderful place to raise our families!


We can achieve this by doing one simple thing.


Make a commitment to purchase as many of your goods and services as possible from your Locally Owned Businesses!


Don’t change what you buy, just where you buy it!


Please remember! Every time you buy from a Big Box Superstore or National Chain Business or Restaurant the majority of the money you spend leaves your community never to be seen again! If we want our Local Economy to quickly grow again, we must support our Locally Owned Businesses! If you spend your hard earned money in our many wonderful Locally Owned Businesses you will keep your money in your community, which will then enrich your community and greatly improve and strengthen our Local Economy!


So join us today by making a commitment to avoid the Big Box Superstores and the Huge National Chain Businesses and Restaurants that take from our community and start going to your Locally Owned Businesses and support your community!


We are excited that you are joining our Buy Local Cause today and our mission to make our Main Street and Brandon, Florida a better place purchase by purchase.

Join us today!


Check out our Grow Brandon Local Business Directory and start shopping local today!


Our History

Why was Grow Brandon founded? How did the organization develop and how is it still developing? Find out more about history.



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