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Your Membership Card is just $20.00 per year! Half goes to the Charity or Non-Profit Organization of your choice and half goes to the promotion of this amazing Buy Local Movement!!! Once you complete the simple 2 step process (Step One: Transaction, Step 2: Select Local Charity or Local Non-Profit) you will receive your Buy Local Membership Card within 5-7 business days and you can begin to reap the savings and rewards of Buying Local, all while supporting Local Charities, Organizations and your Local Economy!!! 

Once you click on the "Subscribe Button" below, to bypass PayPal and pay with a Debit card or Credit Card, simply select "Pay using your Credit or Debit Card" located at the bottom of the page .

Once your transaction is complete, please click "Return To Growing Main Street" at the bottom right corner of the page to go to step 2.


Please tell everyone you know about this amazing Buy Local Movement, because the more people who Buy Local the stronger our Local Economy will be!!!!

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Dear Local Shopper,


I hope you enjoy the many benefits of being a Consumer Member of Grow Brandon. I encourage you to show your Grow Brandon Buy Local Membership Card to each and every business you visit in our community, whether you are taking advantage of a special offer or not. By doing so, you are communicating that you are a Consumer Member of the Grow Brandon Buy Local Initiative and you have personally joined efforts with your City, local business owners, and thousands of others in our community working together to build a Stronger Local Economy right here in the Greater Brandon Area!


Thank you for making a conscious decision to join our amazing cause to improve our Local Economy by supporting our Locally Owned Businesses when you‘re shopping for your goods or services.


Remember, the money you spend at Locally Owned Businesses stays in our community and is reinvested back into our local economy. This is unfortunately not the case with Big Box Superstores, National Chain Stores and Restaurants, and Big National Franchises.


So lets all turn this town back into a Buy Local Town!!!




Dr. Darrin Tyson

Founder of Grow Brandon!