Our History


Dr. Darrin Tyson founded the organization Grow Brandon in 2012. Both he and his wife Dr. Shanelle Tyson own World Chiropractic Center; a family owned and operated local Chiropractic Clinic on Lumsden Rd. They own a home in Brandon where they are raising their beautiful 1-year-old daughter Taylor Tyson.


He had grown tired of waiting for our elected officials to make our local economy better, and took matters into his own hands by establishing this organization.

This organization has quickly gained members through a grass roots effort by Dr. Tyson who is literally going door to door to each and every locally owned small business all throughout the Brandon area to offer them a way to begin to grow Brandon back up to the wonderful, growing and thriving city it was just a few years back. Over the last few weeks, our locally owned business family has grown quickly. Dr. Tyson says he will not stop until he has met every small local business owner in Brandon and given each and every one of them an opportunity to increase their own business success as well as all the other locally owned business's in the Brandon area!



All we have to do as locally owned small business owners is tell Dr. Tyson to put a link to our business website on to the Grow Brandon website (www.growbrandon.com) and then we as locally owned business owners simply make a commitment to buy as much of our products and services as we can from the other locally owned businesses on the Grow Brandon website. Dr. Tyson's idea is simple and will improve our local economy here in the Brandon area quickly. If we simply make the commitment to buy from locally owned stores, clinics and restaurants then all this money stays here in Brandon to boost the local economy, thus growing Brandon. If you buy from the Big Box stores, clinics, Chain restaurants and stores and National Franchises this money, unfortunately, leaves our beautiful city and ends up on Wall Street.


So join the movement to Grow Brandon!


Join the site and make the commitment to buy from our amazing locally owned businesses and watch Brandon Grow!!!


It's literally as simple as that!