Welcome to Grow Brandon

Grow Brandon has only one goal! That goal is to quickly and greatly improve our Local Economy!!!


We, absolutely, can achieve this by doing one simple thing!


Join the Brandon Buy Local Initiative and make a commitment to purchase as many of your goods and services as possible from your Locally Owned Businesses and Restaurants conveniently listed right here on GrowBrandon.com.


Remember, when you buy from the Big Box Superstores and Huge National Chain Stores and Restaurants the majority of the money you spend leaves our community and our local economy never to be seen again!

When you choose to buy from Locally Owned Businesses the money you spend stays in our community to be reinvested back into our community, thus growing our Main street and Brandons Local Economy!!!


It’s really that simple!


Join us today in this great movement to Buy Local in Brandon Florida! Simply check out our Local Business Directory and start shopping local today!


Please keep checking us out to find out about our next CASH MOB and how you and all your friends and family can participate!

All you need to be able to participate in a Cash Mob is $10!
This is a quick and exciting event designed to support a great Locally Owned Business in our community as well as strengthen our Local Economy!!!
So please be a part of the next Mob, meet some great people, get some great loot and/or food and make a difference!


Now Let's All Turn This Town Back Into A Buy Local Town!!!

Funny video on why we all need to start buying from our Locally Owned Busineses now, before its too late!!!


We are thrilled about the interest the community is showing in our organization. Last week, many Locally Owned Business's and hundreds of Local Shoppers joined our cause to greatly improve our Local Economy! We can't wait to get to know them a little better during our upcoming Cash Mobs, Contests and Events.

Click here for more news about our organization.

Support Us!

The strength of our Local Economy truly depends on how many of us are Buying, Shopping and Dinning Local. Every time you purchase any product or service from a Locally Owned Business your money stays in this great community and you are doing your part to Improve Our Local Economy, Support Local Business, Create New Local Jobs and Grow Brandon!

So please join us today in our mission to grow Brandon by committing to buy as many of your goods and services as possible from the many Locally Owned Businesses listed right here on GrowBrandon.com!